1. Musketeers
    Teaching chess in Cheltenham for 26 years
  2. Chess Ladders
    Chess Ladders
    Children may challenge each other on the Musketeers chess ladders - one for those at Junior School, another for the Secondary School pupils.
  3. Prizes
    From trophies and mascots at the chess congresses, to certificates and chocolate chess sets at the end of term, club entry fees are recycled into prizes for all the children that participate
  4. Coaching
    Our volunteer chess coaches teach the kids one to one, in small groups, and in whole group teaching sessions on the display board
  5. Fun atmosphere
    Fun atmosphere
    The children form firm friendships at Musketeers
  6. Chess Congress Champions from Musketeers
    Chess Congress Champions from Musketeers
    Two of our winners from autumn 2013 - as captured by the Gloucestershire Echo
  7. Serious chess...
    Serious chess...
    Deep thought during the 2016 Megafinal